Fine Cotton Company tailor-made shirts are exclusively manufactured in the EU.

All shirts are characterised by an exceptional fit and quality. Every detail reflects our passion for the product.

Öko-Tex Standard 100


The fabric is certainly the most important quality aspect of a shirt. That's why we only work with reputable manufacturers and are particularly critical in the selection of fabrics: Only the finest cotton fabrics in attractive designs become a part of our portfolio. Of course, all our fabrics are Öko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

Double Button


Striking detail on Fine Cotton Company's tailored shirts are the two closely spaced buttons, just below the collar. This allows you to wear the shirt in a more individual style and for different occassions.

English, Simple Quilted Stitched Seams


This special side & sleeve seam is extremely robust and more elegant than the usual double-stitched seam. The simple seam makes the fabric smooth and raises fewer wrinkles. The manufacturing process is much more complex and requires a high degree of precision.

Butterfly Gussets


The side seams of the shirts of Fine Cotton Company are reinforced at the bottom hem with small, pentagonal butterfly gussets. This increases the cohesion of the material elements and looks extremely nice. We absolutely love this detail.

7-9 Stitches per Inch


Depending on the material of Fine Cotton Company's shirts, 7-9 stitches are sewn per centimetre. This high number of stitches ensure a long-lasting durability. Fine fabrics retain their stability up to around 7 stitches, thicker ones gain their maxmal durability at 9 stitches.

Buttons Sewn "on Stem"


All buttons are wrapped, when sewing, with an extra yarn. This provides a very stable support and facilitates proper buttoning. This way the button is stuck in the button hole and closes the shirt cleanly without putting wrinkles in the button bar.

Finely Stitched Button Holes


We pay special attention to the button holes. These are extremely precisely sewn so that neither fabric nor thread overlap.  

Elegant Acrylic and Noble Mother of Pearl Buttons


A renowned tailor once said: ''What rims are for a car, buttons are for a shirt.'' Therefore, we rely exclusively on high-quality acrylic buttons from Turkey. If you like you can also choose from our noble mother of pearl buttons.

Wendler Inlays


Even the non visible parts of our shirts are of the highest quality. Fine Cotton Company only uses inlays of the renowned German producer Wendler.

Removable Collar Stiffeners


For us, it is a given: all our shirts are provided with removable collar stiffeners. 

Customer Name


With Fine Cotton Company shirts, the customer's name is printed on the label of every shirt. If you like to make it even more exclusive, your name can be embroidered as per your wish. In addition, it is possible to order a shirt with a personalised monogram at various places on the shirt. No doubt remains: This truly is your custom-made shirt!